Community rituals

I am the Convener of Connect DC, a public Wiccan-based ritual group in Washington, DC. We offer in-person rituals for the 8 Wiccan Sabbats at Two Rivers Sanctuary. We live stream Full Moon Meditations and Dark Moon Messages via our Facebook page. We also facilitate community healing rituals at local events, such as the Sacred Space/Between the Worlds conference.


I am available to facilitate rituals and workshops on connecting with animal spirits and the Ancestors, engaging in spiritual creativity through Touch Drawing, crafting personal spells and rituals for manifestation, and giving good public ritual. I can also come to speak about Paganism, Wicca, or any of these other topics at your group, book club, or high school or college class.

rites of passage

When you or someone you love are entering a new phase of life, I work with you to create a ceremony that is personal and meaningful to you and your guests. Baby blessings, house cleansing, coming of age, weddings, handfastings, funerals, and other life transitions — I love working with LGBTQ+, poly, and untraditional families. I can officiate legal weddings in Maryland and DC.