black and white square illustration of hare leaping in front of full moon

Wheel of the Year

Series of nine illustrations in “block print” style representing the Eight Sabbats of the Witches


Gods, Goddesses, Spirits

Portraits of the divine beings and other spirits who have inspired me. These portraits come through in a variety of styles and media (paint, pencils, ink, and pixels).


Qabala series

Currently in progress series of digital paintings of the 32 Paths of Wisdom from the Hermetic Qabala, representing the diversity within humanity’s spiritual evolution

North American Animal Wisdom Oracle

A series of 72 cards featuring animals that live in North America. The deck is organized in three suits: Land, Water, and Sky. Individual prints of the animals are available through Red Bubble.


Road Opener painting by Angela Rainctcher

Binary Prayers

Abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings manifesting magical workings in non-representational color, forms, and prayers in binary code

The Nine Mothers

A series of acrylic paintings portraying Mother spirits who guide humanity through our journeys through the Upper World, Middle World, and Under World

Ritual Costumes & Altars

Altars, tools, and costumes created for ritual